Accessible Care

Many patients find themselves in a situation either due to their condition or personal circumstances that prevents them from visiting their local Medical Practice. Also, their own GP’s are often unable to get out and make a house call to see them. These may include but not limited to:

  • people with disabilities living alone at home
  • people with chronic illnesses who are house bound
  • parents with children

Doctor Home Visits provides in-hours and after-hours services to cater for the needs of all in the community without prejudice. We are here to ensure a seamless link between patients and their regular GP’s.  We exist to provide full continuity of their health care.

Whether it's an unwell infant crying in the middle of the night, a resident in a nursing home/hostel or a visitor to Perth staying in a hotel or caravan park, Doctor Home Visits is on hand for all members of the family, catering to all demographics of the community.

24/7 Medical care at home in Perth