Aged Care

Our population is ageing and many more people will spend their last years being supported at home or in residential aged care facilities. As such, there will be a dramatic increase in the demand for quality health care and general medical needs of this population.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that by 2041, one in five people will be over 65 and 7% of the population will be aged over 80 (the fastest growing sector of the population in Australia).

General Practitioners have an integral role in the provision of medical care to these residents and they aren’t always able to leave their busy practices to visit a patient in their home, aged care facility, assisted living or retirement villages. To this end, Doctor Home Visits is here with a roster of available locum doctors who can attend to these patients’ needs and also provide full medical notes to their regular GP to facilitate continuity of care.


How Aged Care Facilities Can Work With Doctor Home Visits (WADMS)

It is important to note - Doctor Home Visits is only able to see a resident in a RACF if their regular GP is a member of our deputising service.  This is to ensure continuity of resident care.

If you work at a Residential Aged Care Facility and would like to discuss options for having our Deputising Service visit your facility to attend to residents (on behalf of their own GP), then call Trudy Mailey on 9321 9133 today.

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