Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I book a doctor home visit?

If the Medical Practice you normally visit is currently open, please first telephone them and they will be able to arrange a doctor home visit on your behalf as necessary.

If your surgery is currently closed, or from 4pm on weekdays, call us on 9321 9133 and we will arrange for a doctor home visit for you.

What will the home visit cost me?

If you hold a valid Medicare or DVA (gold card), we BULK-BILL.

If a patient does not hold one of these cards then they are classified as a private patient and will be required to pay a fee at the time of the consultation. They will, however, be able to claim a rebate from Medicare, or if they are an International traveller, via their personal travel insurance.

If you have difficulty paying this fee, we ask that you please discuss this with the telephone operator at the time of placing the call. The cost of a consultation depends on the time of the call. Our phone operators will advise you of the cost where necessary.

When required, this consultation fee is payable by either cash, EFTPOS, credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT).


Who are the doctors that will come to my home?

Every doctor is a registered General Practitioner by the Medical Board of Australia and has recognised experience in general practice.


How long will it take for a doctor to visit me at home?

We aim to have one of our doctors visit your home as quickly as possible. As they are based out on the road, they sometime must overcome factors such as traffic and inclement weather.  If there is ever an unusually longer than normal wait time, an operator will telephone and advise you of this delay.  As a general rule of thumb, we aim to have a doctor see you within 2 - 3 hours.

Waiting in the comfort of your own home surely beats a long wait in a hospital emergency department.


What information do I need to provide at the time of booking a doctor home visit?

Please have the following details on hand when placing a call:

  • The name of your regular General Practitioner or Medical Centre
  • Medicare, Pension or Health Care Card number
  • Date of birth
  • Address where the doctor will visit (including nearest cross street) & telephone number
  • Brief details of the patient’s symptoms


Can I pre-book a doctor home visit?

Medicare regulations prevent us from accepting future bookings. Doctor home visits can only take place on the day the call is placed.


Is the locum doctor able to write me a prescription?

Yes. Our doctors will first assess your condition and then provide you with a prescription as deemed necessary.


Am I able to arrange a doctor home visit for more than one person?

Yes. At the time of placing the call, inform the operator of every person you wish the doctor to attend to and you will need to provide details (as stated above) for each patient.


Are notes on my consultation sent to my regular doctor?

Yes. Shortly following a doctor home visit, a full clinical report will be sent to the patient’s regular GP outlining their condition and the treatment provided.

Can Doctor Home Visits provide comprehensive medical care to my family?

Our service does not in any way replace a patients regular GP. It is designed to offer a solution for any unexpected illness when your GP is not available or when circumstances prevent you from visiting the Medical Practice.

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