Our Story

Back in the early seventies in Perth, Western Australia, a group of doctors recognised there would always be a need for stay-at-home care. This became evident more than ever due to factors such as early hospital discharge and patients requiring assistance to prevent exacerbation of their condition. Also with the workforce shortage sometimes preventing the patient's own General Practitioner from being able to attend to them promptly and with patients' inability to attend surgeries after hours, they were left with no alternative but to call ambulances and attend the emergency rooms at hospitals.

The Western Australian Deputising Medical Service Inc. (WADMS) was born from the observance of this need, supplying quality care via experienced doctors in the comfort of patient homes. It formed as an incorporated, non-profit association dedicated to assisting the Perth community in times of need in 1977.

The business is proud to operate to this day as a cooperative of doctors working for doctors and whilst still retaining the WADMS name, also trades as Doctor Home Visits.

24/7 Medical care at home in Perth